Smack is one of the oldest open-source XMPP client libraries. It’s written in Java and able to run on the standard edition Java runtime and on Android. I’m currently maintaining Smack.


MAXS is the Modular Android XMPP Suite, a framework to enable communcation between the Android API and an XMPP endpoint. For example, it allows you to send a SMS message via a simple XMPP message send from any standard compliant XMPP client.

Java Pinning

Java Pinnning is a simple TLS pinning library for Java (incl. Android) that also provides easy to use tools to create a Pin from a TLS certificate or HTTPS endpoints.


JXMPP is a XMPP base library written in Java. It provides common methods and classes that are useful for every Java-based XMPP project, be it a XMPP server, client or any other component.

Import/Export SharedPreferences

Import/Export SharedPreferences is an Android library to export or import SharedPreferences.


The XEPs git repository hosts a few new experimental and incubating XEPs. It also acts as collaboration platform for working on new versions of already published XEPs.

The XEPs can be found online at The soure code is available on github: